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G Suite Educational Deployment using a server-less server cutting out the years of pain staking programming and unnecessary coding and decoding. The answer to simply working with your data and allowing you to work and study productively

Azure Developer Software and hackers info Man U Registered Domain, DPH, SSL Certified Registered Domain, DPH, SSL Certified Registered Domain, DPH, SSL Certified

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Organizational Microsoft Partner 11/10/2018

CIEP Program, Windows Insider Program, Mixed Reality, Server Terms of Service Received, BI Software, Visual Studio, Microsoft Volume Licencing Service Center, Development tools for Your Competitive Edge, Azura Bulk Credits, 10 Licences Office 365 E3, SQL Server 2017 Standard Dynamics 365 Plan 1, 5 Visual Studio Professional, BI Pro, Microsoft Intune, Technique Training for team build skills, Access to technical services 1:1 app development consultation and on demand Dev Chat, Go-To Market resources, like marketplace preparation guidelines and templates. Requested and still waiting, 6 years and I am the only person who cant access resources templates, action pack or software. 28/10/2018 Lets see what happens Vanda S K